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Beyonce at the Super Bowl

VIDEOS PHOTOS Beyoncé spotted at USC rehearsing for Super Bowl

Beyoncé was spotted on the campus of USC today. While Queen Bey has not confirmed her presence on campus, rumor has it that she is visiting the school to get in some practice for her upcoming performance at the Super Bowl. Although she tried to cover up with a big green parka, it was impossible to disguise the presence of a goddess among mortals. Needless to say, social media quickly blew up — read on for PHOTOS and VIDEO!

PHOTOS BIOS Meet Bruno Mars’ sisters and stars of ‘The Lylas’ reality show on WE TV

Tonight is the series premiere of The Lylas on WE TV, a reality series documenting the lives of sisters Jaime, Tiara, Tahiti and Presley Hernandez as they leave their home state of Hawaii for Los Angeles to pursue their dream of being a successful girl group. In addition to their talent and good great looks, the sisters have one other thing working for them in that their brother Peter Hernandez has already had a little bit of success in the music industry — you might know him better as his stage name, Bruno Mars. Keep reading to find out all about the Hernandez sisters and their new show including photos, bios and a preview trailer!

Bruno Mars is grateful for his success because his musical family struggled financially

Bruno Mars covers Rolling Stone for the first time for their May issue, and while he’s trying to look badass with his silk leopard-print shirt and cigarette, he’s nothing but grateful for the success he’s had. “I wouldn’t trade it for anything,” he says. “Because I feel like I can enjoy this so much.”

Find out more about Bruno’s years performing with his family, and what his real name is!

Bruno Mars on his cocaine arrest and infamous “happy” mug shot photo

Bruno Mars mug shot photo from cocaine arrest

Bruno Mars was arrested in Las Vegas in September of 2010 for possession of 2.6 grams of cocaine. Bruno told police at the time that it was his first time using drugs, and following the arrest he took an oddly chipper mug shot. In a new interview, Bruno is opening up about his drug lie and why he looked so happy to be posing for a booking photo.

Bruno Mars childhood photo “Pimpin since 92”

Bruno Mars photo as a kid

Futuristic retro R&B sensation Bruno Mars tweeted photographic proof that he’s had his flawless, heart-melting swagger since he was least six with this childhood picture accompanied by the tweet, “Pimpin since 92.” Plus, see a photo of the still swaggertastic Bruno sporting a huge afro from his high school yearbook. [***WARNING*** Coolness contamination risk!]