2 Chainz

Mug shot photos of 2 Chainz and 10 others arrested after OK tour bus stand off

Rapper 2 Chainz and ten others were arrested early this morning after their tour bus was stopped by police in Oklahoma City right around midnight for a busted tail light. Officers reportedly noticed “signs of drug use” and asked those in the bus to exit, but they refused and demanded a search warrant. The locked bus (with the men still in it) was towed to the police training center while officers went through the process of getting a search warrant. The warrant was obtained around 9AM, at which point the eleven men (including 2 Chainz) exited the bus and were arrested for misdemeanor complaints of obstruction. Keep reading to see mug shot photos of all those arrested (including 2 Chainz) as well as videos of 2 Chainz entering and exiting the police station, in the latter of which he had a few words (and hand gestures) for reporters on hand.