Allison Mack tried to recruit Emma Watson and Kelly Clarkson to sex cult via Twitter

Smallville actress Allison Mack had an integral role in Nxivm, a sex slave cult guised as a MLM (multi-level marketing) company. Mack, who was the organization’s “Top Slave,” came up with the idea of literally branding the girls she recruited to join. Now there’s evidence that Mack was publicly trying to bait celebrities like Emma Watson and Kelly Clarkson to join the abusive group.

90 Day Fiance Molly Hopkins album cover concept

90 DAY FIANCE Molly Hopkins is writing and recording songs with her brother Jess

It looks like Evelyn Cormier is going to have some competition on the Billboard charts from one of her 90 Day Fiance co-stars! Molly Hopkins teased fans with photos in a recording studio last week, and recently she did an Instagram live session in which she made the announcement that she is writing and recording a batch of songs!

American Idol contestant Benjamin Glaze’s first kiss was Katy Perry, but did he consent to it?

When American Idol judge Katy Perry found out that contestant Benjamin Glaze had never been kissed, she didn’t hesitate try to be his first. The 20-year-old contestant revealed to the pop star that he was waiting on his first kiss until he was in his first real relationship. What happened next ended up making Glaze […]

Nick Gordon arrest details: Mug shot, 911 call, Bobby Brown’s reaction

Nick Gordon arrest 911 call

Get all the information on Nick Gordon’s latest arrest for domestic violence after an altercation with his girlfriend Laura Leal in Florida over the weekend. Includes Nick’s and Laura’s account of what happened, Nick’s latest mug shot photo, audio of Nick’s 911 call (with a full transcript), and Bobby Brown’s reaction statement offering assistance to Laura through the Bobbi Kristina Brown Serenity House.