PHOTOS Megababe Angelina Jolie attends ‘Megamind’ premiere in Paris with that Brad guy

Real life super-heroine Angelina Jolie took a break from not celebrating Thanksgiving to support her husband Brad Pitt’s fledgling acting career by attending the Paris premiere of Brad’s cartoon flick Megamind. See lots of photos of Her Joliness in all black as she signs autographs and introduces her husband to the thousands of fans that turned otu to see her.

5 Megamind character posters: Metro Man, Minion, Roxanne, Tighten, Megamind

Dreamworks has released character posters for five of the main characters from the upcoming animated 3D film Megamind including Megamind himself (Will Ferrell), Metro Man (Brad Pitt), Tighten (Jonah Hill), Roxanne Ritchi (Tina Fey) and Minion (David Cross)! Click to see the posters and watch the latest trailer for what is looking to be another well-done all-ages animated superhero flick!