Louis CK

Marc Maron says his friend Louis CK lied to him about sexual harassment claims

In the wake of comedian Louis C.K. admitted that the <a href=”https://starcasm.net/archives/379085″ target=”_blank”>sexual harassment rumors about him that first started circulating as far back as 2012 were true</a>, his fans and friends in the industry are grappling with what this all means. Comedian and popular podcaster Marc Maron is a fan Louis’ spanning decades and addressed the issue on the intro of his latest episode of WTF. In his reckoning with Louis’ actions he claimed he directly asked C.K. multiple time about whether or not the rumors were true, and Louis responded with “no it’s not true, it’s not real, it’s a rumor.”

Louis CK sexual harassment claims get first on-record denial: ‘They’re rumors, that’s all it is’

For the first time, Louis CK has both addressed and denied the sexual harassment rumors that have swirled around him for over two years. The New York Times‘ Cara Buckley asked the comedian about the Louis CK sexual harassment rumors in an interview for his new movie, I Love You, Daddy. The broader context is […]

New Louis CK tour: Comedian announces dates for 2016, with more to come

Last week, we learned about a forthcoming Louis CK tour from the man himself, courtesy of his Tonight Show appearance. Today, Louis announced the first of those tour dates in an e-mail to fans, and promised many more shows to come. Read on to find out exactly when and where to catch the Louis CK tour, and to find out all about Louis’ famous low-cost tickets.

Louis CK announces 2016 tour, plugs Jane Austen, is great

The Louis CK Tour 2016 is almost upon us, thanks to an update from the man himself. Louis recently appeared on The Tonight Show to plug his newest project, Horace & Pete, and to explain that he’s about to undertake a giant slate of new tour dates in order to pay for it. When can you expect to see Louis live? Read on for details!

Louis CK calls Donald Trump Hitler in impassioned e-mail to fans

Louis CK and Donald Trump might be about to get into something of a war of words, thanks to an e-mail Louis sent to his mailing list just moments ago. The comedian has been sharing near-weekly notes with his mailing list to let fans know about new episodes of his series Horace and Pete. This week, though, Louis laid into Trump in a long postscript–read on for the full transcript.