Wacky Diets

Ashton Kutcher was hospitalized for pancreas imbalance while following “fruit only” diet for a role

Most people can stand to eat some more fruit. But, as Ashton Kutcher found out, there’s also too much of a good thing: While preparing for jOBS, a biopic about late Apple founder Steve Jobs, Kutcher adopted a fruitarian diet similar to a diet Jobs adopted at one point in his life, and was briefly hospitalized as a result.

New Pepsi Special soda released in Japan claims to help you lose weight by blocking fat, making you poop

Even though weight loss is really a simple thing (reduce calories in, and increase calories burned) it’s a difficult thing for a human to do, so we’re constantly looking for quick-fix alternatives. We try to find chemicals that taste like sugar, reduce our appetitive, mess with our sense of smell, or increase our metabolism to make the process easier for us. Now Pepsi is introducing a soda to the Japenese market that claims to “block fat.”

What’s the secret ingredient?