PHOTOS Nikkole Paulun gets logo tattoo in exchange for free tanning for life

16 & Pregnant alum Nikkole Paulun is no stranger to stirring up controversy, and the now-20-year-old mom has the Twitterverse choosing sides in a heated debate after she revealed that she recently got a tattoo of a tanning salon on her thigh in exchange for free tanning for life! Keep reading for photos of the tattoo as well as some insight into the decision to sell off part of her body for advertising purposes from Nikkole herself.

Tan Mom Patricia Krentcil to star in movie based on her life, is moving to London where she’s not banned from salons

Have you been wanting to see more of the infamous Tan Mom? Yeah, us neither. But, Patricia Krentcil is back and she’s making a movie about her life. No, it’s not going to be a Jersey Shore meets the Brady Bunch type flick — it is actually going to be a bit darker and will show the ups and downs she’s been through after making headlines for her tanning habits.

Snooki doesn’t “see the harm” in tanning, will allow her son to fake bake

Even though she is just 4′ 8″, Snooki’s look is anything but understated. From her famous hair poof to bold makeup to tiny clothes, the Jersey Shore breakout star is nearly as famous for her style as for her hard-partying. She’s also unabashed about her beliefs — no matter how controversial they may be. In a recent interview with xoVain, Snooki said she won’t have a problem with her son fake baking once he’s a teenager. So, how dangerous is using a tanning bed really? Keep reading for the stats!

Gypsy Sisters suggest using motor oil to tan, household bleach to whiten teeth

Before the February 10 premiere of Gypsy Sisters, let it be known that advice from the ladies should be taken with a grain of salt. Case in point: During the season premiere, Kayla recommends slathering on motor oil for an extra deep sun tan. So, is using motor oil as tanning lotion really a good idea? (I don’t think we need to ask that question about using actual bleach to whiten your teeth.)