Cameron Diaz on women and aging: ‘We feel like failures for not looking 25 at 40’

Cameron Diaz laid bare her feelings to Oprah about the pressures on women to not age. In Hollywood even men are held to certain extremes when it comes to their appearance, but it’s still okay for them to look older, even if it’s an idealized version of older. For women, as Diaz points out, looking like you’re maybe 30 years old is a sin for women.

Academy Award attendees to receive “Vampire Facelift” vouchers

Some pretty unusual beauty treatments have made news in recent months. Although you’d think something called the “Vampire Facelift” would fall into the same category as the “Bagel Head” or “Intentional Snaggle Tooth,” the procedure has actually gained some real popularity among Hollywood’s biggest stars. Now, even more celebrities will have the chance to try it out, thanks to a $5,000 voucher for all Oscar attendees.

Is the chlorella natural supplement Victoria’s secret?

If drinking a dark green juice was all that it took to look like a Victoria’s Secret Angel, would you do it? Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but it isn’t quite that simple. Still, pairing an active lifestyle with a diet of vitamin-rich foods is an important part of the hot-body equation. Now, it seems that a few Angels are fans of a particularly wholesome supplement, chlorella.

Will TLC’s “Plastic Wives” destigmatize cosmetic surgery or make it seem more outrageous?

For the women of “Plastic Wives,” going under the knife for the sake of beauty isn’t a once-in-a-lifetime consideration — it’s an obsession. Now the ladies, who are each married to popular Hollywood cosmetic surgeons, are sharing their stories on a new TLC show.