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Mob Wives’ Big Ang offers new cancer update, reunion special tidbits

It’s been a rough few weeks for Mob Wives‘ Angela Raiola, but the latest Big Ang cancer update offers some good news for the ailing reality TV star. Ang and her family have been largely silent since announcing that her cancer had advanced to stage four, but recently took to Twitter to share a series of brief updates. There’s also a handful of new reports from the Mob Wives final reunion special taping–read on for the details.

VIDEO Charlie Sheen is seeking alternative HIV treatment from an unlicensed doctor in Mexico

The latest Charlie Sheen update brings a mix of good and strange news about the star, whose HIV disclosure last fall continues to reverberate throughout the entertainment world. Sheen recently appeared in a two-part interview on Dr. Oz, during which he revealed some interesting developments in his approach to treatment for his disease.

Story of the late Paul Karason and other blue and silver people

Paul Karason, a man who turned himself blue by drinking silver, passed away at age 62 Monday after suffering a stroke. He used the silver as a home remedy for severe dermatitis, and didn’t stop once he showed signs of argyria, a permanent color change of the skin due to silver deposits. But Paul Karason is not the only blue person who’s ever lived. Several other documented people have had their skin tone changed by using silver as a medicine, and then there are the Fugates, a family in Appalachian Kentucky known for their bluish skin tone.