Cooper’s Treasure

How did Gordon Cooper die? Where did he go to school? FAQ for the Cooper’s Treasure astronaut mastermind

Cooper’s Treasure, the ridiculous and awesome story of a real-life astronaut treasure map (it’s impossible to get tired of that phrase), has raised newfound interest in Gordon Cooper, the Mercury Seven space explorer responsible for charting the map back in the 1960s. Cooper is probably still best-known for lending his name to several conspiracies in […]

COOPER’S TREASURE Discovery strikes astronaut gold with the most absurd, delightful premise in reality TV history

Discovery’s Cooper’s Treasure has had the broad cross-section of the reality TV, treasure hunt, and outer space communities salivating ever since the network first announced the show. The implications of a hunt for shipwrecked treasure based on an astronaut treasure map were almost too good to be true–particularly since the initial wave of information about […]