Clint Harp

Fixer Upper’s Clint Harp gets second shot at DIY stardom with ‘Wood Work’ spinoff

Fixer Upper‘s carpenter extraordinaire finally has his spin-off! Wood Work, Clint Harp’s second pilot episode in as many years, is set for a major premiere *tonight* at 7:30 PM EST on DIY Network. That’s right: You can tune in tonight, March 8th, and watch Clint’s year-plus of extra effort get its big reveal! Devoteés will […]

Clint Harp’s Fixer Upper spin-off, ‘Against the Grain,’ set to premiere on DIY

How old is Clint Harp? How did he get started in the woodworking trade? How big is his family? And is he getting his own show? The Fixer Upper mainstay and craftsman extraordinaire has a brand-new pilot, Against The Grain, which airs tonight on HGTV. Though an entire series hasn’t yet been confirmed, Clint says he’s astonished to have made it as far as he has in such a short time–especially since had a completely different life only a few years ago! Read on to find out more about Against the Grain, and to get answers to all your Clint Harp-related questions.