Wolf Blitzer

Wolf Blitzer to appear on Soul Train Awards

What everyone in the two worlds of cable news and groovin’ booty shakin yeah baby had hoped against hope to be true is coming to pass. Howlin’ Wolf Blitzer will finally be making an appearance at the annual Soul Train Awards. Some things in the pop world, like Brangelina or Mel Gibson and audio recorded rants, were destined to be. Find out more about the silver bearded anchor’s upcoming Soul Train coronation.

VIDEO – Watch “Balloon Boy” Falcon Heene ask “Who the Hell is Wolfe?”

Last night Anderson Cooper aired a never-before-seen clip from Wolfe Blitzter’s shocking interview on Larry King Live with the Heene family that blew the cover on their hoax. The Heene family doesn’t have cable, so when Falcon Heene’s parents introduced him to Wolfe Blitzter, he responded the way I do everytime I turn on CNN: […]