Wendy Williams

Is the ghost of Michael Jackson haunting Wendy Williams?

Talk show host Wendy Williams and 19-year-old Paris Jackson have had bad blood between them for a while and now Paris has a paranormal theory about why Wendy Williams fainted last week on live TV. It wasn’t dehydration, as Wendy Williams claims, but instead it was the ghost of Paris’ deceased father Michael Jackson that […]

Evelyn Lozada responds to Wendy Williams calling her baby a “cash register” with cheating allegations

On a recent “Hot Topics” segment Wendy Williams referred to Evelyn Lozada’s newborn son as a “cash register” and, needless to say, the comment was not well received by Evelyn, who took to Twitter earlier today to respond with allegations that Wendy Williams’ man cheated on Wendy in the second worst way imaginable — by buying another woman designer shoes!!! Keep reading for all of Evelyn’s angry tweets as well as a video clip of the “Hot Topics” segment that started it all.