Tyler Boulet

MTV officially announces Buckwild Season 2

The ratings have been fantastic for MTV’s West Virginia based reality show venture Buckwild, but strangely the network has refrained from confirming plans to film a sophomore season… until now! Just one day before the season finale episodes, MTV issued a press release officially announcing there will be a Buckwild Season 2. Yeeee haw!

MUGSHOTS Tyler Boulet from MTV’s Buckwild

In the brief bio for Tyler Boulet of Buckwild he’s described as the pretty boy who has “a reputation for leaving a trail of broke hearts all over town.” After doing a little legal searching it looks like Tyler’s left a trail of mugshots from West Virginia all the way to South Carolina too! Actually it ain’t much of a trail but two mugs of Tyler have emerged. Check ’em out here along with what details we could gather from the booking info.