Taylor Momsen

Gossip Girl’s true identity revealed — find out who!

Last night, after six seasons, Gossip Girl came to an end — and the person behind the infamous gossip blog was revealed. Dan had given the last chapter of his book to Nate to publish on his site, The Spectator. Shortly after the cast members past and present found out who had been tormenting them and stalking their every move for so many years.

PHOTOS Taylor Momsen wears an “I F*** for Satan” shirt in concert

I used to be a closet Taylor Momsen fan. I kind of liked her faux trashy goth rebel chic style and confess that I would often crack a smile while thumbing through the latest set of Taylor’s overly eye-shadowed eyes and platinum blond hair dressed up in some sort of lacy inner wear as outer wear look. She was the consummate angsty privileged sexy teenage girl with an F-you attitude and an F-me body that literally played the part of private school Goth locker poster girl perfectly.

But lately the Pretty Reckless lead singer seems to be losing her balance while walking the tight rope of rebellious-and-shocking envelope pushing, resulting in her crashing descent on the side of boring. Keep reading to see photos from last night’s Pretty Reckless concert in Toronto to see what I mean. (Censored with uncensored links)

VIDEO Taylor Momsen in a Shake ‘N Bake commercial from 1997

Back before she was the sexy platinum blond star of Gossip Girl or the über-goth front woman for indie-punk band The Pretty Reckless, Taylor Momsen was a blue collar actress taking whatever work she could find to pay the bills. One of those less glamorous jobs was as a Shake ‘N Bake girl for a commercial circa 1997 that I’m sure Taylor now considers regretfully adorable. Keep reading to watch the spot and see an image of how Taylor remembers it!

Taylor Momsen’s band The Pretty Reckless drop “Just Tonight” video

Taylor Momsen has been on an all out zombie photo op blitz recently as she fronts her band The Pretty Reckless. In keeping with the walking dead theme Momsen is featured in the band’s latest music video for their single “Just Tonight” moping about in Twilight styled costume and make up.

See the clip and high resolution stills from “Just Tonight” that hearkens back to the weird old days of music video with random shots of blood dripping roses, candle lit dungeons and glass glued insects.

Perez Hilton moves from Miley to Momsen with inappropriate tweets

The controversial self described “Queen Of All Media” Perez Hilton has moved on from Miley Cyrus and has now set his twitter inappropriate under-aged stun-gun on pop singer Taylor Momsen. The two have been going back in forth in a Twitter war involving the discussion of bedroom toys. Taylor is 16 and it seems like Hilton is bound and determined to get himself in trouble.

Taylor Momsen Is Not A Role Model

If you watch Gossip Girl, you probably think of Taylor Momsen as the incredibly annoying Little J (I know she’s grown up now, but she will always be Little J to me) and that annoying petulance extends to her real life persona, where she is slowly but surely morphing into her generation’s Lindsay Lohan before […]