Sig Hansen

DEADLIEST CATCH Sig Hansen responds to daughter’s molestation allegations

The estranged daughter of charismatic sea-captain Sig Hansen has sued The Deadliest Catch star, alleging that he sexually abused her as a toddler. The suit highlights a contentious divorce between the girl’s mother and the fisherman, the 1990 arrest of Hansen following an initial accusation, as well as varying expert opinions on what possibly happened.

Discover debuts ‘Deadliest Catch: Dungeon Cove,’ featuring all-new captains, crabs, and dangers

Are the Deadliest Catch captains paid? Discovery’s massively popular series has just introduced a brand-new spinoff–and the ‘Dungeon Cove’ variant offers a whole host of new challenges for cast members and viewers alike. Read on to find out about some of the compensatory issues related to reality TV and the most dangerous job in America!

DEADLIEST CATCH What is a Bairdi tanner crab? How is it different than an opilio snow crab?

Discovery’s ground-breaking reality series Deadliest Catch returns for its eleventh season tonight, but this season the game has completely changed. “After years of keeping a lid on Bairdi crab quota, new government regulations have increased the inventory by 400 percent,” reads the network press release. Keep reading to find out why the quota was raised so dramatically, and how the Bairdi crab differs from the opilio snow crab viewers are accustomed to.

PHOTOS Mandy Hansen, Sig Hansen’s daughter, cast for Deadliest Catch

Discovery has announced the premiere date for the upcoming 10th season of their wildly popular show Deadliest Catch. As part of the press release, it was also revealed that FV/Northwestern captain Sig Hansen’s daughter Mandy Hansen will be joining the cast! See some great candid pics of Mandy and read the full press release about Season 10 which includes some plot info for one of the loveliest catches of the Northeast.