Sean Hiler

90 DAY FIANCE Sean & Abby’s Haiti charity Christmas event photos, Sean addresses backlash and fraud accusations

90 Day Fiance couple Sean and Abby shared numerous photos and videos from their Christmas toy giveaway and meal in Haiti this week, during which nearly 300 kids got gift bags and a meal cooked by Abby’s family. Despite the joy and good vibes evident in the photos and videos, some fans are concerned that some of the money raised by the couple didn’t go towards the event — so Sean responded at length (minus the Christmas joy) and said they will be posting receipts for everything soon.

BEFORE THE 90 DAYS Is Abby pregnant? She posts a positive pregnancy test on Instagram!

Could it be that we have our first Before the 90 Days baby on the way?! 20-year-old Abby from Haiti posted a photo of a positive pregnancy test on Instagram along with the caption: “One question: is that 2 bars?” Keep reading for her response to those begging to know if she is pregnant with Sean’s baby!

PHOTOS Before the 90 Days’ Abby was married in 2014 according to Facebook

On the premiere season of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days, we have seen 47-year-old Sean Hiler express some serious concerns about his 20-year-old Haitian girlfriend’s ex Chris, who is also a much older man. But perhaps Sean shouldn’t be worried about her ex-boyfriend and should be looking into her ex-husband!?

Before the 90 Days SPOILER: Are Sean and Abby still together?

Before the 90 Days Sean and Abby

The premiere season of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days has four distinctly different couples, but one thing they all have in common is a rather sizable age gap, with the American halves ranging between 13 and 27 years older than their international significant others. We checked in on the couple with the largest age gap–47-year-old Sean from Ohio and 20-year-old Abby from Haiti–to see if they are still defying the odds by remaining together.