Scott Meisterheim

When is the next Bering Sea gold mining offshore lease auction?

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It is probably no surprise that the Alaska Department of Natural Resources has been getting more inquiries than usual about offshore mining leases given the popularity of Discovery Channel’s new show, Bering Sea Gold. And, we know that they have recently auctioned off leases for big parcels of virgin underwater land for offshore mining. But, if you weren’t there for the auction, what are your options? How can you get in on the action? When is the next offshore mining lease auction?

Does Bering Sea Gold’s Scott Meisterheim suffer from an “idiot problem” or is he just angry?

No one on Bering Sea Gold embodies amateur desperation like its most prominently featured undersea miner, Scott Meisterheim. The season is not off to a good start for the Captain of the Wild Ranger, and some say it is because he has an anger problem. He blames his poor performance on the idiots he works with. But what’s the real story?