VIDEO Welcome To My Life trailer reveals how Chris Brown beating up Rihanna really hurt him

Today the world was treated to the first preview trailer for the upcoming Chris Brown documentary Welcome To My Life, which explains in just under three minutes how “America’s sweetheart” became “public enemy number one” overnight thanks to his assault of then-girlfriend Rihanna. Chris Brown then explains how bad Chris Brown was hurt after the brutal beating.

Rihanna quits Victoria’s Secret fashion show over feud with Kendall Jenner

It’s no secret that Kendall Jenner’s fast rise to the top of the modeling world has been the source of some controversy. Now, though, it looks like the brewing Rihanna Kendall Jenner feud will thrust that controversy into the spotlight…on the biggest day of young Kendall’s career. Did Rihanna quit this year’s Victoria’s Secret fashion show because of Kendall? Read on to see the latest.


Second round of leaked celebrity nudes worse than originally thought: Rihanna, underage starlets included

More and more celebrities continue to be targeted and affected by hackers: Rihanna is among the latest to have her privacy violated, though she hasn’t confirmed whether the photos are real. See what Gabrielle Union had to say to the people who’ve been doing this, and find out who else has been affected.