Rick Harrison

Pawn Stars Rick Harrison wedding photos with bride DeAnna Burditt, Chumlee, Old Man and more

World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop co-owner (and star of History’s reality series Pawns Stars) Rick Harrison married DeAnna Burditt Sunday at the Ritz Carlton in Laguna Niguel, California. Rick looked quite suave in his black tux, but he was eclipsed by his bride DeAnna, who looked absolutely stunning in a full-length form-fitting backless white gown with cutouts down the side! Also looking their best were Rick’s Pawn Stars cohorts, including his son Corey, his pops Richard “Old Man” Harrison (complete with panama hat), ring bearer Austin “Chumlee” Russell, and minister… Danny Koker from Counting Cars?!?

Old photos of Pawn Stars’ Richard “Old Man” Harrison, Chumlee and Rick Harrison

In honor of History Channel moving its smash hit reality series Pawn Stars to Thursday nights the network has been participating in Throwback Thursdays the last few weeks, sharing some older pictures of World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop’s Rick Harrison, Richard “Old Man” Harrison and fan favorite Austin “Chumlee” Russell. Keep reading to see the pics — plus we’ve matched them up side-by-side with recent photos so you can more clearly see the differences!

UPDATE – History has also added an older photo of Rick’s son Corey Harrison, which looks to be from his high school graduation! Yep, we added it to the post. (Might be the best of the bunch!)

Pawn Stars’ Rick Harrison is engaged

Rick Harrison, the star of History Channel’s smash hit Pawn Stars, got engaged over Valentine’s to his girlfriend Deanna Burditt. Find out how “The Spotter” popped a declaration instead of a question and see a photo of the happy couple including his fiancee’s girl’s best friend from over the weekend. In addition, find out how the number 3 plays an interesting role in this upcoming union that reminds us of the Brady Bunch.

Pawn Stars’ Rick Harrison dropped out of high school in 10th grade; loves books

Pawn Stars Rick Harrison

If you’re one of the 7-8 million people who watch Pawn Stars every week, you’ve probably gaped in awe at Rick Harrison’s vast supply of knowledge. You show him anything, and he’ll rattle off facts about it like he’s known it all his life. Granted, most of this is prepped; people aren’t just walking in off the street with Abraham Lincoln’s top hat. There is a level of production going on with the casting and research, but even with a bit of help it’s clear that Rick Harrison is a pretty sharp dude.

He’s also a high school drop-out.