Richard Rawlings

PHOTOS Is Fast N’ Loud’s Richard Rawlings married? Yes and no and yes.

Fast N’ Loud star Richard Rawlings loves being in the spotlight, but there’s one thing he has been reluctant to feature on the show: his personal life. One of the reasons for this reluctance may be because Richard partly blames the show and everything leading up to it for ruining his marriage of more than ten years. But, in January, Richard and his ex-wife Suzanne surprised themselves and everyone else by taking another trip down the altar! Keep reading for the whole crazy story with lots of photos of Richard and Suzanne.

VIDEO PHOTOS Fast N’ Loud’s Gas Monkey Garage at 2013 Red Bull flugtag

The fellers (and superbabe) of Fast N’ Loud‘s Gas Monkey Garage were at Lake Carolyn in Texas on Saturday to compete in the first ever national Red Bull flugtag event in which teams from all across America competed simultaneously in five different cities to take home the top honors. Keep reading to see tons of photos of the gas monkeys decked out in “Flying Circus” themed costumes, watch a video of their flight, and find out what trophy (if any) the team took home!