Patricia Krentcil

Tan Mom Patricia Krentcil to star in movie based on her life, is moving to London where she’s not banned from salons

Have you been wanting to see more of the infamous Tan Mom? Yeah, us neither. But, Patricia Krentcil is back and she’s making a movie about her life. No, it’s not going to be a Jersey Shore meets the Brady Bunch type flick — it is actually going to be a bit darker and will show the ups and downs she’s been through after making headlines for her tanning habits.

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Tanorexic mom Patricia Krentcil has her own action figure

This doll looks familiar!

Emil Vicale, who makes pop culture inspired custom action figures on, is selling a yellow-haired and deeply tanned “tanorexic” doll for $29.95. When asked by NBC if the doll was inspired by Patricia Krentcil, who is facing child endangerment charges because she’s suspected of taking her young daughter to a tanning bed, he replied “Yes of course she inspired it. Why would I make something as hideous as this?”

New old mug shot photo of tanorexic mom Patricia Krentcil from April 2012 arrest

Patricia Krentcil, the infamously leather-faced 44-year-old “tanorexic” New Jersey mom who was arrested last week for allegedly taking her 5-year-old daughter into a tanning salon and allowing her to use a tanning bed, is apparently no stranger to the police booking camera! Due to her extensive time lounging in the pop culture tanning bed known as “the media spotlight,” another Patricia Krentcil mug shot photo has been uncovered from waaaaaay back in April 24, 2012!