Patrice Wilson

Rebecca Black vs. Ark Music Factory: Is the ark splintering in copyright lawsuit?

Is the Ark sinking? Rebecca Black sues Patrice Wilson and Clarence Jey for copyright infringement. As fast as Rebecca Black’s career shot into the sky, will it be that fast for the Ark Music Factory to fall to earth in Hindenbergian fashion? And what does this mean for potential stars on the rise Alana Lee, Abby Victor and more?

VIDEO “Friday” interview with Ark Music Factory founder and Rebecca Black producer Patrice Wilson

The secretive producer, writer and rapper of Ark Music Factory finally speaks! And guess when? Friday, of course! One of the maestros behind Rebecca Black, Alana Lee, Abby Victor and the AMF phenomenon gives an exclusive interview, and he answers questions about AMF seeking out talent, charges of exploiting kids and parents and destroying pop music, how and why AMF does what they do, and more!

Who is the rapper in the Rebecca Black “Friday” video? Meet ‘Pato’ Patrice Wilson

Rapper Pato Patrice Wilson from the Rebecca Black music video Friday

Overnight YouTube sensation Rebecca Black continues her successful-so-far bid for musical world domination as her single “Friday” has not only launched a tour but has since been made available for download and is racing up the charts!

Much has been written about Ark Music Factory, the company behind the successful single that has been called everything from “great teen pop” to “the worst song ever written,” but little has been mentioned about Rebecca’s co-star in the video: mysterious rapper dude driving a car. Find out who he is and what his connection is to Ark Music Factory!