Mia Robertson

VIDEO PHOTOS Missy and Jase’s daughter Mia undergoes 5th surgery for cleft palate on Duck Dynasty season finale

Duck Dynasty Jase Robertson Daughter Surgery Mia

Duck Dynasty‘s Mia Robertson is only 11 years old but she has already had five facial surgeries, with the most recent one (from January, 2014) to be featured on tonight’s Season 5 finale. See how Mia is doing, now, and how her story is helping other children born with cleft lip and palate issues.

PHOTOS Duck Dynasty Family Album: Jase and Missy Robertson’s three children

Jase Robertson sometimes acts a bit like a child. His wife Missy even said once on camera that she felt sometimes like she had four children. So, it is a little difficult to imagine that playful, bearded guy from the duck call room as a family man. But, like all the Robertson men, he certainly is. Jase and wife, Missy, have three kids: Reed, Cole, and Mia. Read on to get to know them a little better.