Megan Massacre

VIDEO PHOTOS America’s Worst Tattoos returns to TLC as full series April 4

Last June TLC tested the waters with a pseudo pilot titled America’s Worst Tattoos in which people with stinky ink told their regretful tat stories before heading in to see a professional tattoo removal/alteration artist in an attempt to revitalize the flesh real estate thought lost forever to cringe-worthy body art. It seems the pilot was a big success because the network is bringing it back as a full-fledged series starting April 4! Keep reading to watch a preview clip and see some photos of some of the “worst” tattoos we will be seeing this season, including a Pillsbury Doughboy along with the words “LUV DA DOUGH,” a rather unfortunate interpretation of camel toes, the always-a-bad-idea Steve Buscemi tat, and… a Mr. Peanut nipple?!?

VIDEO TLC’s “America’s Worst Tattoos” with Megan Massacre premieres June 21

Bad tattoos have been an internet staple for years, but now they are getting the prime time small screen treatment thanks to TLC’s new series America’s Worst Tattoos, premiering with back-to-back half-hour episode on June 21. Keep reading to watch the preview trailer featuring Megan Massacre from NY Ink as she tries to undo a lunar moonstrosity, a regrettable belly tat, and a heady quote that has the word literacy misspelled. (Plus photos and info about Megan, my new favorite painted lady!)