Mathew Knowles

Beyonce’s dad Mathew Knowles opens up about their falling out

Beyonce and her father Mathew Knowles parted ways in 2011 after he was part of her management team for several years. Mathew had managed Destiny’s Child and Beyonce’s solo career, as well as the career of Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams, and others. However, dad and daughter had a falling out in 2011 and Mathew was accused of mismanaging Beyonce’s finances, which he has denied. Other than that denial, Mathew has remained relatively silent about the end of their partnership. But now, perhaps due in part to the exposure from Beyonce’s recent “Life Is But A Dream” HBO documentary, he is finally opening up about the hurt he’s endured because of their separation.

First photo of Matthew Knowles and AlexSandra Wright’s baby son Nixon?

Matthew Knowles and his camp still claim there has been no DNA test to prove he is the father of AlexSandra Wright’s newborn child Nixon, but AlexSandra is still sticking to her guns. The photo above has just been released to TMZ, and there is a slight resemblance. If he really isn’t the father, he […]

Alexsandra Wright gave birth to baby she claims is Beyonce’s new brother, Nixon

28-year-old pop royalty Beyonce has a brand new baby brother named Nixon, according her her father Matthew’s alleged mistress, AlexSandra Wright. Wright gave birth to the new baby last Thursday (February 4,2010) and says she dated the alledged baby daddy Knowles for 18 months. A source told TMZ that they even picked out the name […]

Beyonce’s mom, Tina Knowles divorcing the pop diva’s dad, Matthew Knowles after baby scandal with AlexSandra Wright

Beyonce’s mom, Tina Knowles, hasn’t lived with her dad, Matthew Knowles in almost a year, and now she’s ready to be legally done with him, TMZ reports. In early October a woman named AlexSandra Wright named Matthew Knowles in a paternity suit. She was about six months pregnant at the time, so that means she’s […]