Liz Cavalier

Fired Swamp People cast vent at History Channel, then they’re asked to remove their comments

After History Channel overhauled the cast for the upcoming seventh season, some of those who were told they are not returning are expressing their anger and frustration online, apparently against the network’s demands! Keep reading for their initial comments, plus their reaction after being asked to delete them.

Swamp People Thanksgiving special ‘Swampsgiving’ to air Nov 26

Who’s up for a family-sized serving of gaturducken?!? History Channel is inviting us all over for Thanksgiving in the swamp in the form of “Swampsgiving,” a holiday themed episode of Swamp People set to air Tuesday, November 26 at 10/9c. The special will give viewers a glimpse into the lives of the world’s most famous gator hunters during the off-season as it explores the various Thanksgiving traditions celebrated by the cast members and their families. Keep reading for th full press release with all the degatortails!

SWAMP PEOPLE Alligator Price Chart

The alligator market fluctuates every year, and so do the fortunes of the hunters who rely on selling wild alligators to make their living. The market hit a high $40/f ft. rate for gators in the late 80’s and dipped to an unsustainable $13/ ft. for the same size gator in 2010, but things have been getting slowly better. Read on to see how the market was for alligators this year.

SWAMP PEOPLE How much does a gator sell for? 2011 alligator price chart for Season 3

The Season 3 premiere of Swamp People revealed that alligator prices sky rocketed in 2011, creating a gold rush of sorts in the swamps of Louisianna. Find out just how much the prices increased with our foot-by-foot alligator pricing chart, and see our estimates of what some of the stars will be binging in if they’re able to fill all of their tags. Who knows, maybe all the thrills and the $$$ will have you thinking about buying a boat, some hooks, and a bunch of rotten chicken and trying your luck with a new summer job!

VIDEO Swamp People 3 “This is Your Boss” Super Bowl Commercial

The fourth quarter of Superbowl XLVI may or may not go down in history for its great football, but it will live forever in the memories of everyone who has ever dreamed of riding in RJ and J Paul Molinere’s airboat, having a cold beer with the Guist Brothers, or hearing Troy Landry yell “choot ’em” in their ear. Because this isn’t just the year of Superbowl XLVI, this is Swamperbowl I! Here’s the “This is Your Boss” video — our first glimpse of Swamp People Season 3.

Swamp People 3: Meet new cast member Chase Landry

When Troy Landry goes out to hunt alligators, he almost always has his son Jacob at his side. This year, he’ll have a son on both sides because his youngest, Chase, has joined the crew for Swamp People Season 3! What happened to Liz Cavalier, and which Landry will be Troy’s new “chooter?” How will Chase change things on the Landry crew? Keep reading!

BIO PHOTOS Meet Swamp People’s “Gator Queen” Liz Cavalier

Troy Landry may be King of the Swamp, but he isn’t the only royalty running alligator lines in the bayous around Pierre Part. In fact, he’s not even the only Swamp royal in his own boat! Rounding out Landry’s crew this season and handling most of the “chooting” is the Gator Queen herself, Liz Cavalier. Keep reading for Elizabeth’s amazing story that includes gator hunting trips before she was even off the bottle and the surprising truth about how she teamed up with Troy!