Lil Wayne

How many kids and baby mamas does Lil Wayne have?

On Katie this week Lil Wayne, an honor roll student AND high school dropout, gave an order to his fans, AND his children to finish school, even though he doesn’t regret dropping out himself. “I mean, kids, please finish high school. And all my kids, you are finishing high school!” he admonished.

Most kids don’t end up with a lucrative recording contract. It occasionally makes sense for children to drop out of school, but only like 0.000000001% of a time. Wayne revealed that it was his mother who actually suggested that he quit school and get his GED after she found out he was carrying a gun in his backpack for protection.

But back to the kids comment. Just how many children does Lil Wayne have, and who are the babies’ mothers?

VIDEO Lil Wayne stomps American flag during ‘God Bless Amerika’ shoot

Rapper Lil Wayne has never shied away from speaking his mind. Continuing this trend, a recent video has surfaced of the 30-year-old on the set of his music video for the song “God Bless Amerika” in which he appears to purposefully trample the American flag. Watch the clip and let us know if you think he was stomping the Stars and Stripes on purpose and if so, do you have a problem with Wayne expressing himself in this manner?