Leaked cell phone photos

Safaree Samuels sex toy rumors thrusting upward forcefully following nude video leak

In the wake of LHHNY star Safaree’s nude video leak — and the impressive dong the video contains — talk of a Safaree Samuels sex toy is heating up something fierce. According to Safaree himself, he’s weighing multiple options to model for his very own unit, though it sounds like he’s waiting for just the right offer before he gives the world his goods again.

Yes, the Safaree video really is him: ‘I just want to make sure my joint is poppin’

The Safaree video that’s been taking the entire internet by storm all week really does feature the Love & Hip Hop New York star — and, yes, that really is his impressive penis in the clip. The video was the primary topic of conversation during Safaree’s recent Breakfast Club interview, where he confirmed his identity and explained how the footage came to be.

VIDEO Safaree nudes leak: LHHNY star’s full eggplant exposed in clip

Love & Hip Hop New York star Safaree Samuels is trending in an especially big way today. The long-rumored Safaree nudes have leaked, in the form of a clip of a fully-naked Safaree brandishing his eggplant before a cell phone camera. The identity of the leaker remains unknown, though two prominent suspects have emerged.

Hackers post nudes to J-Law’s Wikipedia page in response to Vanity Fair article

Lawrence’s strong, steady stance was apparently too much for the people who leaked her photos in the first place. Fortunately, the vigilant and responsible crew at Wikipedia took care of the problem almost instantly. Read what J-Law had to say about the leak, and what she thinks of the people who looked at her photos.

Second round of leaked celebrity nudes worse than originally thought: Rihanna, underage starlets included

More and more celebrities continue to be targeted and affected by hackers: Rihanna is among the latest to have her privacy violated, though she hasn’t confirmed whether the photos are real. See what Gabrielle Union had to say to the people who’ve been doing this, and find out who else has been affected.