Krystal Campbell

Top 10 Jerry Campbell quotes from American Hoggers premiere

Last night A&E released the Campbell family on America as viewers got a double-barreled, two-episode look at what a hog hunting family from Texas is like in the form of American Hoggers. It was a fun ride, and I certainly wasn’t disappointed in catching my girl Krystal “Pistol” Campbell on the hunt, but the unquestioned star of the show is the bow-legged patriarch Jerry Campbell. When he flashes that big ol’ bearded grin and you see the Texas star on his tooth you can’t help but smile. Read on for a top 10 list of Jerry’s zen-like one-liners including, “Colder than an ex-wife’s heart this morning.”

American Hoggers: Information on why feral hogs are so dangerous

A&E is set to launch the premiere of American Hoggers tonight. It’s a real life drama that centers around the Texas Campbell family as they take on the imposing threat of feral hogs. Jerry, daughter Krystal and son Jason get paid well to hunt down these wild boars but why are they so dangerous and why would folks drop serious bank to relieve themselves of the threat? Read on for a great infographic about the very large, fast, young devouring, razor sharp tusk wielding, pack roaming, damage causing beasts.

VIDEO Boar killin’ trailer for American Hoggers

Jerry Campbell is a living hog hunting legend. He’s a former Texas Ranger and he’s the man in The Lone Star State you want if a wild boar is threatening you. Check out the great over 2 minute trailer that will have you hooked on The Campbells, including Jerry’s boy Robert and his daughter Krystal, and waiting for the Aug 16 premiere.

PHOTOS Meet Krystal Campbell of American Hoggers, aka “Krystal Pistol Campbell”

On August 16 A&E is going to unleash the bad ass hog hunting Texas family The Campbells onto the reality TV landscape in a show called American Hoggers. The Campbells include retired Texas Ranger Jerry Campbell (64), his son Robert Campbell (28), and daughter Krystal Campbell (23). At first I thought Miss Krystal was just for show, but after doing a little digging I discovered she’s the real .357 Ruger gun-toting deal! See photos and get bio information on this educated, sexy, horseback-riding, hog killin’ gal!