Kesha Rose Sebert

Lady Gaga defends Kesha after Dr. Luke shuts down Bob Dylan tribute

Lady Gaga has come to the defense of Kesha after it was revealed that Dr. Luke’s label is preventing her from performing at the upcoming Billboard Music Awards. Kesha accepted an invitation to perform a tribute to living legend Bob Dylan at the ceremony this Sunday. The ongoing legal battle with Dr. Luke has now prevented this from happening.

Kelly Clarkson says Dr. Luke is a demeaning liar

Kelly Clarkson had a clear message for any women who might be interested in working with famed producer Dr. Luke in the future. Don’t waste your time! The 33-year-old pop star and American Idol winner didn’t pull any punches when she was asked about Dr. Luke, who is in a legal battle with Kesha over allegations that he sexually, verbally and emotionally abused the “Tik Tok” singer for years.

Demi Lovato explains shading Taylor Swift donation to Kesha amid Dr. Luke legal battle

Demi Lovato has backtracked from her criticism of Taylor Swift’s financial donation to Kesha, who’s in an embattled legal fight with Dr. Luke. Kesha has accused the famous producer of sexually assaulting her–claims that he vehemently denied via Twitter yesterday. Find out about the court ruling that motivated Swift to make the donation, and Lovato’s initial problem with the news, and then get Demi’s further explanation of her position.

Kesha’s producer Dr. Luke produces 2011 deposition where she says he did not drug her

Kesha and her former longtime producer Dr. Luke are currently in dueling lawsuits, over allegations the singer made about being abused at his hands, including being drugged and sexually assaulted. Now, Dr. Luke is filing another lawsuit against Kesha’s mother, Pebe Sebert, and producing documents from a 2011 deposition where Kesha denied under oath that Dr. Luke drugged her or that they had any sort of sexual relationship.