Kari Ann Peniche

VIDEO – Trailer for Celebrity Rehab 3 with Dr. Drew hosted by Dr. Drew’s buff beach body

The third season of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew premieres Thursday, January 7, 2009 and boy is it a doozy. Whoever cast this thing deserves a good share of the profits, because it’s culled straight from the headlines. Of course, one of the stars of this season will be MacKenzie Phillips, who took the world […]

VIDEO – Did Kari Ann Peniche get kicked off of Celebrity Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew? Vase throwing and weave-pulling

Disgraced Teen Queen and star of the McSteamy nude tape Kari Ann Peniche almost got kicked out of of Celebrity Rehab: Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew for throwing vases at people. It was only a matter of time because Kari wasn’t playing well with others from the very beginning. She never got up early enough […]

Kari Ann Peniche claims that her ‘Celebrity Rehab’ roommate Mindy McCready leaked the nude tape with Eric Dane

This is getting more interesting, sort of. Kari Ann Peniche told TMZ that her tape with Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart is definitely not a sex tape. There isn’t any hanky-panky on the video, and Kari says that nothing happened that night off camera either. However, the video of Kari’s drugged-up breasteses hanging out with […]

Eric Dane a.k.a “McSteamy” a.k.a. “Cocaine Manor” a.k.a. “Tuff Hedemen” shirtless on set of Valentine’s Day

Here’s a yummy photo gallery of McSteamy himself shirtless on the set of Valentine’s Day o nAugust 6, 2009. Eric Dane is best known for his role as Dr. Mark Sloan on Grey’s Anatomy, but he’s recently become quite the hot topic because of a naked threesome video with wife Rebecca Gayheart and scandalous beauty […]