Jon Bernthal

INTERVIEW Jon Bernthal talks Shane Walsh, The Walking Dead, and L.A. Noir

In The Walking Dead, lots of viewers loved Shane, warts and all. Lots feared him. But everyone, ultimately, respected him. In the battle of wills between Shane and Rick, the refrain “Shane was right” was bandied between fans many a time. But all things must pass, and (SPOILERS!!!) Shane is gone. But actor Jon Bernthal is still with us! This Starcasm interview with Jon gives us his take on the whole Shane vs. Rick story them, his thoughts on Frank Darabont, and what comes next for him: a starring role in the AMC show L.A. Noir!

VIDEO Jon Bernthal addresses leaving The Walking Dead “I’m going out with a f***ing bang!”

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t seen the latest episode of The Walking Dead then you seriously need to stop reading right now! (Actually, you probably should have stopped reading before the headline.)

Jon Berthal, who plays played Shane Walsh on The Walking Dead, sat down for a radio interview with SiriusXM’s Covino & Rich Tuesday in which he talked about his departure in a pretty bitter (and profanity-laden) way. He even jokingly refers to AMC as “f***ing d!cks” for killing him twice and not allowing even the possibility of a returning role as zombie Shane. He also talks about director/executive producer/writer Frank Darabont, who was let go by AMC midway through the second season.