John Schnabel

Gold Rush RIP Grandpa John Schnabel

GOLD RUSH Grandpa John Schnabel passes away at 96

We have some very sad news to report for viewers of Gold Rush, as fan favorite Grandpa John Schnabel has died. The warm-hearted, always-smiling grandad of Parker Schnabel reportedly passed away in his sleep last night at the age of 96. Keep reading to watch the memorial video posted by Discovery, and read Parker and brother Payson’s loving messages.

VIDEO Gold Rush Season 6 preview trailer and premiere date

Christo Doyle, Gold Rush Executive Producer and host of The Dirt, ended months of speculation by taking to Twitter and Periscope to announce the Gold Rush Season 6 premiere dates for the US and the UK! Plus, he revealed a two-minute preview trailer for what looks to be yet another dramatic season chock full of drama, blunders–and, of course, GOLD!

Facebook fans interview Gold Rush’s Grandpa John Schnabel

Tonight’s episode of Gold Rush is dedicated to fan favorite 94-year-old grandpatriarch John Schnabel, and in honor of the event, Discovery managed the seemingly impossible and got Grandpa John on Facebook to answer questions from his millions of fans! The result was just as you would expect — informative, heart-warming, and often hilarious.

Gold Rush’s Parker Schnabel says Grandpa John Schnabel is cancer free

Gold Rush star Parker Schnabel shares some great news with fans, revealing that his 94-year-old grandpa, and fan favorite gold miner, John Schnabel is cancer free after four years! Keep reading for Parker’s joyful announcement and see a throwback photo of grandpa John as a young man when he was a spitting image of Parker!

GOLD RUSH What Happened to Dakota Fred?

If you watched the Gold Rush “Revelations” episode, then you learned a lot more about Parker Schnabel’s temper, John Harness’s unpopularity, and Todd Hoffman’s grand promises for next season; but, you didn’t learn one thing about Dakota Fred Hurt, because he wasn’t on the show. There wasn’t even one oblique allusion to Fred who, at the beginning of Season Two, was in the middle of all the drama. So, what’s up? Find out straight from Fred!