Jessica Miller

David Eason’s sister Jessica calls Jenelle a s*ut and shames her for abortions

David Eason’s sister Jessica has rekindled her public feud with her sister-in-law Jenelle Eason after Jenelle claimed that David’s family wasn’t there for him after his thyroidectomy. In the latest salvo from Jessica, she calls Jenelle a s|ut and accuses her of having so many abortions that she’s “got her own bedroom at half of [the clinics] w her name on the headboard.” Keep reading for the full conversation, which has many shaking their heads at Jessica more than Jenelle.

Bravo’s Eat, Drink, Love cast photo, bios and social media links

It’s Top Chef meets Gallery Girls as Bravo takes viewers into the lives of five women living in Los Angeles and trying to make it in the culinary world with their latest reality series Eat, Drink, Love premiering tonight at 9/8c. The show stars Kat Odell, Waylynn Lucas, Brenda Urban, Nina Clemente, and Jessica Miller whose food-industry occupations range from private chef to food critic to restauranteur to culinary marketing maven. They’re driven, they’re sexy, and they’re what’s for dinner every Sunday night on Bravo. Keep reading for an introductory course that includes bios, photos, videos, social media accounts, and links to interviews and the ladies’ websites!