Jerry Seinfeld

VIDEO Jerry Seinfeld working on rap album with Wale

Jerry Seinfeld may soon be changing his name to LL Cool Jerry because the 58-year-old actor and comedian is teaming up with hip hop musician Wale on a new rap album! Keep reading to watch the video clip in which Jerry makes the announcement and also explains how the project happened. Plus, see our list of some Seinfeld-inspired rapper names Jerry might want to consider (In addition to LL Cool Jerry of course).

NBC to fire Conan O’Brien from The Tonight Show and replace him with Jerry Seinfeld?

PopEater claims that NBC is ready to drop Conan O’Brien after only a few months on The Tonight Show! Not only that, but they also might shopping around for Jerry Seinfeld. “NBC just can’t carry on like this. ‘The Tonight Show’ has lost 52 percent of its viewership in just one year. The November ratings […]