Jennifer Del Rio

16 & Pregnant’s Jennifer Del Rio files for sole custody of twins after fleeing children’s father

Jennifer Del Rio and Josh Smith’s explosive relationship was documented during the former’s memorable episode of 16 & Pregnant. There were back and forth accusations between the parents of twin sons Joshua and Noah which later included multiple restraining orders, all kinds of accusations and arrests. Jennifer ended up disappearing but has now surfaced over a 1,000 miles away and is seeking sole custody via the courts.

EXCLUSIVE 16 & Pregnant’s Josh Smith talks about Jennifer Del Rio’s claims and recent disappearance

Anyone who has kept up with the girls of 16 and Pregnant this season knows that Jennifer Del Rio of Riverview, Florida and her baby’s father Josh Smith have had their fair share of drama. Josh talks with us about how he was portrayed on the episode and clarifies some of the misconceptions about him and Jennifer, including details about their famous on-camera fight. Josh also addresses why he wasn’t on the Reunion Special, what led to the off-camera fight that resulted in him getting a bloody nose, and Jennifer’s recent disappearance with his twin sons after he received a court injunction granting him weekend custody!

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Allie Mendoza from 16 and Pregnant Season 3

Just in case you missed it here is a full recap of last night’s 16 and Pregnant “Life After Labor Reunion Special” with Dr. Drew featuring all ten girls, all eleven babies and all ten nine baby daddies from Season 3 discussing what happened in their episodes and what has happened since.

Which girls from 16 and Pregnant Season 3 will be on Teen Mom 3?

Tuesday night was Allie Mendoza’s explosive hour-and-a-half season finale episode of 16 and Pregnant Season 3 which means we have met all ten girls and the debate can officially begin… Who should be chosen for Teen Mom 3?!?

Includes my four choices followed by a list of all the girls (with links) and then the poll in which you can choose the four you think MTV should choose! And who knows? They might just be listening 😉

16 & Pregnant’s Jennifer Del Rio disappears, hides twins from daddy Josh Smith

The drama continues in the tumultuous relationship between 16 and Pregnant star Jennifer Del Rio and the father of her twin boys Josh Smith. The latest chapter involves a court injunction granting Josh weekend custody of Joshua and Noah, an injunction that can’t be enforced because Jennifer and the twins have disappeared! Keep reading for all the details and hear directly from Josh, who is beginning to emerge as the more sympathetic (and more sane) of the two young parents.

Jenelle Evans intervenes in Jennifer Del Rio vs. Josh Smith feud

Perhaps Jenelle Evans’ recent visit to a Buddhist monastery had an impact after all because the troubled Teen Mom 2 star has taken it upon herself to bring peace and harmony to the escalating feud between 16 and Pregnant‘s Jennifer Del Rio and Josh Smith! That’s right, Jenelle has talked with both Jennifer and Josh and offers up her summary of both sides of the story.

16 and Pregnant Jennifer Del Rio and Josh Smith Facebook feud continues

Good gracious! Jennifer Del Rio and josh Smith were featured on a single episode of MTV’s 16 and Pregnant but I already feel like I’ve watched an entire season’s worth of drama between the two teens! Keep reading for the latest chapter, which includes a screen capture posted by josh on Facebook of an alleged message from Jennifer to a former boyfriend claiming she was pregnant and he was the father!