Jason Trawick

Will Jason Trawick have legal control over Britney Spears?

The time honored tradition of a father passing over the leadership role when a young man asks for his daughter’s hand in marriage is taking a new age twist in the case of Britney Spears’ dad and her fiance Jason Trawick. In papers filed Friday, Jamie Spears is asking a Los Angeles Superior Court judge to grant Jason co-conservatorship over Britney. It’s a unique decision and a rare position for someone to have legal say so over their fiance. Read on for the deets and decide for yourself if you think this is a smart move for Britney.

Jason Trawick proposing marriage to Britney Spears tonight after getting permission from her dad

According to TMZ, Britney Spears is about to get engaged y’all! (BTW, this photo was picked strickly because of the middle guy’s priceless face!)

They have sources spilling that her long-time boyfriend Jason Trawick is set to propose tonight in Las Vegas. Supposedly, he also got permission to pop the question the old fashioned way: he asked Britney’s dad Jamie Spears for her hand in marriage.

Report: Jason Trawick ring hunting for Britney Spears

Will the 3rd time be a charm for Britney?

According to a report from Radar Britney Spears’ man Jason Trawick is on the hunt for an engagement ring. A source stated that Brit-Brit’s long time boyfriend has been partaking in some serious bling shopping and plans on dropping some bank very soon.

Read on for the latest in the world of Brit-Brit.

Music video U.K. shenanigans: Topless Rihanna offends Irish farmer; Britney Spears and Jason Trawick rob a London store

A pop star’s work is never done! Instead of sitting on their laurels and spending their days lighting candles with money, Rihanna and Britney Spears have been busy at work filming their respective new music videos (“We Found Love” and “Criminal,”) and, in the process, stirring up a lot of trouble!