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Bobby Flay and January Jones rumors: Was his fling with Giada just a distraction?

While rumors about Bobby Flay and January Jones have swirled for months, they’ve recently taken on a new twist: namely, that Bobby’s alleged on-again, off-again romance with fellow celebrity chef Giada de Laurentiis was only ever a distraction. A distraction from what, you ask? Read on…to find out.

Is Bobby Flay dating January Jones?

Now that Giada de Laurentiis is taken, rumors about Bobby Flay dating are flying faster and furiouser than salty insults across a Kitchen Stadium set during an Iron Chef taping. The most prominent of these focuses on Flay and an alleged old flame–one with whom he may have had a relationship during the final years of his marriage to Stephanie March. Is Bobby Flay dating January Jones? Read on to see what folks are saying…

More evidence of Bobby Flay’s many, many affairs comes to light in court documents

Celebrity chef Bobby Flay is splitting from Stephanie March, his wife of ten years–and things are getting nasty. Read all about the many women March has accused Flay of cheating on her with, and find out how Stephanie may or may not have ruined Bobby’s recent Walk of Fame ceremony with a well-placed airplane banner…

EXCLUSIVE Bobby Flay and January Jones seen together in Vegas in May of 2010?

This April, celebrity chef Bobby Flay announced that he and his wife, Stephanie March, are separating after ten years of marriage. The split has reportedly been less than amicable, with a new report revealing that Stephanie’s divorce paper claim Bobby committed adultery with several women–including multiple counts with Mad Men actress January Jones in 2010. The new report seems to back up our exclusive story back in 2010, in a which an eyewitness claimed to have seen Bobby and January together at the Peppermill Lounge in Las Vegas. That eyewitness’s story was very credible given that she posed with Bobby for a photo at the time! Keep reading for her account of how Bobby and January got together, which the eyewitness shared with us about one month after the fact.

Miley Cyrus not wearing engagement ring, quits Twitter after rumors about Liam Hemsworth and January Jones

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth announced they were engaged in the summer of last year after dating for nearly two years. The lovebirds have been going steady ever since and some reports even claim that they have already tied the knot. However, after Liam reportedly got cozy with actress January Jones, things reportedly took a turn for the worse, and now Miley isn’t wearing her ring! They seem to be on the rocks but have Miley and Liam really ended their engagement?

Janurary Jones, Holly Madison encourage taking placenta pills postpartum

Holly Madison Placenta Pills

Most things that can ease the transition into new motherhood are worth considering. But, what about taking daily placenta pills? Although the suggestion may sound pretty far out there, it’s actually a common practice in Eastern medicine. Recently, it’s gained more attention in Western culture, thanks to high-profile advocates January Jones and Holly Madison.