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VIDEO Jamie Foxx talks about incredible fiery wreck rescue, meets driver’s father

Actor Jamie Foxx talked with reporters yesterday about rescuing a man from a fiery car crash. Joining Foxx in front of the cameras was the driver’s father, who was emotional, and nearly at a loss for words as he tried to relay his appreciation for Foxx’s actions. Watch as Foxx discusses just how close the driver came to possibly losing his life; see the driver’s father tear up while talking with the reporters; and read Foxx’s moving statement about not being a hero, but just a loving father who “had to do something.”

Jamie Foxx pulls a man from burning car crash

Jamie Foxx at Golden Globes afterparty

Academy Award winner Jamie Foxx can add “lifesaving action hero” to his list of winning roles today. According to news sources, the actor was spending a quiet evening at home Monday night in Hidden Valley, California when a 2007 Toyota Tacoma flipped at high speed into a nearby drainage ditch around 8:30 PM.

Jamie Foxx cast as MLK, dismisses Katie Holmes romance rumors

Director Oliver Stone has confirmed that he is moving forward with the authorized version of Martin Luther King Jr.’s life story with Jamie Foxx set to portray the civil rights leader. In other fair and balanced Foxx news (see what I did there), find out what Foxx had to say about the recent rumors that he is romantically involved with Katie Holmes.

Jamie Foxx discusses Django Unchained’s n-word usage, Spike Lee boycotts film

In the previews for Quentin Tarantino’s latest film Django Unchained, a western-themed work set in America’s south during slavery, the lead character Django, portrayed by Jamie Foxx, announces coyly that “the d is silent” in the pronunciation of his name. Following a Christmas day release it’s become abundantly clear that the n-word does not remain silent in the feature. Read what lead actor Jamie Foxx had to say about the abundance of said word and how it caused difficulties for Leonardo DiCaprio. In addition find out why fellow director Spike Lee is opposed to the film without ever having seen it.