Jamie Dornan

How did Christian Grey become a billionaire?

Let’s face it, part of the allure and fantasy of 50 Shades of Grey is how loaded Christian Grey is. Meghan Daum even argued that Christian’s unimaginable wealth, and not kinky sex, is really what’s behind the “50” craze. What’s even more impressive is not that Christian’s a billionaire, but that he’s a self-made billionaire at the age of 27. How did he make all this money in such a short amount of time?

Christian Grey “exercises control in all things” for new Fifty Shades trailer

The 2nd official trailer for one of the most anticipated films in years, Fifty Shades of Grey, is here! The new clip certainly sheds more light on the sexual tension between Jamie Dornan’s Christian Grey and Dakota Johnson’s Anastasia Steele. Viewers are given a little more of Grey (in a little less clothing) as he tells Anastasia that the key to his success is that he’s “always been good at people.”