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Top Chef Masters Season 3 Episode 7 Recap: Taste Test, Date Night, Curtis Stone

Celina Tio Top Chef Masters Season 3

Episode 7 of Season 3 of Top Chef Masters started with a taste test quickfire challenge, but not just a normal Top Chef taste test. These are the masters. These challenges have to be ridiculous. So . . . the taste test is really a “what can you do with one sense, alone” test. The first sense tested was taste, and the chefs had to wear headphones and noseplugs while they tasted things.

Top Chef Masters Episode 6 recap, Maroon 5, 7 minutes in heaven

Top Chef Masters Season 3 started Episode 6 right up with the quickfire challenge called 7 Minutes in Heaven. The display table was full of expensive, luxurious food, and you could see the chefs’ eyes light up as they walked in and saw it. Finally, something good to work with! No bugs. No fast food. Ah . . . The twist?