Hulk Hogan

PHOTOS Brooke Hogan’s fiance Bully Ray’s strip club bachelor party the night before their wedding

Last week, wrestler Bully Ray got down on one knee and proposed to Brooke Hogan in front of her father, a live audience, and the millions watching at home. Needless to say, Hulk was not happy about it and told Bully that he is not the man for his daughter. Drama ensued and poor Brooke was caught in the middle. But now, she has decided to go ahead with the wedding and tonight, they are set to marry in a televised wedding during TNA Impact Wrestling — at least if Hulk doesn’t put a stop to it first.

Hulk Hogan to marry daughter doppelganger

The nuclear blast zone from the divorce of Hulk and Linda Hogan is still radioactive. Coming on the heels of Linda announcing that she is engaged to Charlie Hill a man 29 years younger than her cougarness, The Hulkster has went and procured a Florida marriage license to wed Jennifer McDaniel, a busty blonde that is only 35 and a dead ringer for his daughter Brooke.

Read on to find out all about the Hogan weirdness and see why I believe they’re set up for a perfect return to the top of reality T.V.

Ten Bridalplasty inspired reality show mashups

Yes, the show Bridalplasty exists, or at least will exist on E. This show will combine the wedding competition genre with the plastic surgery genre in a mind blowing signal that the world as we know it could very well be ending.

Inspired by this concept of combining reality show themes check out our list of ten reality show mashups inspired by Bridalplasty and then let us hear your ideas. Just as a teaser I’ll give you number seven, The Teen Mom Pick Up Artist!