Heidi Montag

Mother Daughter Experiment cast pick their Lifetime movie titles and actresses

In a fun video extra, the ladies of The Mother/Daughter Experiment: Celebrity Edition reveal what the Lifetime movie based on their lives would be titled as well as which actresses would play them. As a bonus, we’ve got all the titles and actresses listed so you can try to match them up before watching the clip!

Heidi Montag says her friendship with Lauren Conrad was F-A-K-E: ‘I spent years pretending to like her’

We’ve known for years that MTV’s hit reality show The Hills was anything but real. The series ended back in 2010, and, since then, most of the cast members have spoken out about their time on the show. Kristin Cavallari flat-out admitted the show was scripted; Brody Jenner confessed he never actually dated Lauren Conrad; now, Heidi Montag is sharing her side. Read on to find out what she has to say about her former on-screen BFF!

VIDEO Heidi Montag has breast implant removal surgery, regrets F cups

Heidi Montag recently went under the knife yet again, but this time it was to reduce the size of her breasts from an F cup to a more manageable D cup. She invited cameras into the surgery room and discussed her many health problems stemming from her enhancements and the regrets she has about having wrapped her self worth around her breast size. See the clip as well as a before and after photo and get Heidi’s advice to women considering getting augmentations as large as she did.