Faith Evans

VIDEO Are Stevie J and Faith Evans a couple? Alleged new girlfriend surfaces as two other baby mamas make their claim

When his LHHATL spin-off began filming, the rumors began flying: Are Stevie J and Faith Evans a couple? Stevie’s been leading his fans to believe that the pair have been shacking up for some timeā€“but a new report suggests that another new woman is really his current boo. Read on for the receipts…

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill intensely involved in design of their Barbie dolls

Country music powerhouse couple Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are about to celebrate their 15th wedding anniversary. It’s an amazing accomplishment for two stars in the spotlight to stay together and in love as these two have but now they’re taking it next level as the two will be featured as their own Barbie dolls set! See a huge image of their likenesses as Barbie and Ken and discover just how much they were involved in the design process.

Faith Evans set to star in her own reality show

R & B artist Faith Evans is set to star in a reality show chronicling her life. The show, It’s All About Faith, will focus on Evans as she tries to revitalize her career following a five-year-hiatus. In addition to her singing comeback, the show will also focus on Evans’ struggle to balance her married-life with husband-manager Todd Russaw and their four kids.