Evan Rachel Wood

VIDEO Evan Rachel Wood getting her nose pierced

The Wrestler and True Blood actress Evan Rachel Wood thought she’d swing into a Venice Beach tattoo joint and get her sniffer pierced. That’s no big whoop but in the new-age celebrity sharing world we’re living in she decided to make a video of the procedure and YouTube it for the world to see! Check out the clip of the Golden Globe nominated actress and find out about the multiple 2013 films we can expect to see her in.

Marisa Tomei, Evan Rachel Wood got naked with Charlie Rose at George Clooney’s Italian villa

Actress and legendary knock-out Marisa Tomei sat down with Conan last night and revealed one of the strangest celebrity gathering stories you’ll hear. It involves George Clooney’s Italian villa where a dead body washed up, PBS interviewing legend Charlie Rose, Evan Rachel Wood, nudity and the sad absence of Cindy Crawford. Check out the clip here.

Charlie Rose you dawg!