Did Drake get a porn star pregnant? Sophie Brussaux claims second trimester with his unborn daughter

A surprising new TMZ report alleges that Drake got a former porn star named Sophie Brussaux pregnant back in January. However, unlike the other recent story involving Drake allegedly playing baby daddy, Sophie is said to have text messages that back up her claim. Drake and Sophie–whose stage name is Rosee Divine–were photographed together at […]

Drake claims he’s ‘never even met’ the Instagram model who says he got her pregnant

Instagram model and alleged former video vixen Layla Lace caused a stir last week when she claimed–on social media and without evidence–that Drake had gotten her pregnant and she was carrying his baby. Layla had around 7,000 followers at the time that she made the allegations, which was more than enough to help spread them […]

Kris Jenner is pushing Kylie Jenner and Drake together (though someone should really tell Drake)

Now that Kylie Jenner and Tyga are officially probably on at least pause, it seems that Kylie’s mom is eager for her youngest daughter to get out there and start dating older men again. Just one week after the 19-year-old Instagram sales clerk and her 27-year-old boyfriend appeared to call it quits for the seventh […]

Are Serena Williams and Drake dating?

Serena Williams and noted Canadian Drake have been friends for years–in fact, they’re so close, Williams says the two are “like family.” If that’s true, then Serena’s got some explaining to do, as the pair were recently spotted making out something fierce in the back room of a Cincinnati bistro. Are Serena Williams and Drake dating? Read on for more!