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VIDEO Detective Rod Demery explains the ‘closure’ he got from forgiving his mother’s murderer

The murder of Detective Rod Demery’s mother was arguably the single most significant event in Demery’s life, and the Murder Chose Me star recently opened up about the story behind his own investigation of her murder for Dr. Oz. Demery appeared on Oz’s show earlier this year, while promoting Murder Chose Me Season 1; the […]

VIDEOS Mob Wives’ Big Ang reveals grim cancer prognosis on Dr. Oz

The latest Big Ang update in the Mob Wives star’s ongoing battle with cancer comes from Angela Raiola herself, who sat with Dr. Oz for an episode of his show today. Big Ang opened up about the shock she felt when she received her diagnosis of stage four brain and lung cancer, and discussed how the diagnosis is affecting her family. Dr. Oz also asked the question that’s been on Big Ang’s fans’ minds for weeks: What is her prognosis?

What happened to the Oprah Radio Sirius XM channel?

Listeners to the Oprah Radio Sirius XM channel were surprised to discover silence when they tuned in on January 1. And not only has the channel gone silent, but so have Sirius XM and Oprah’s Harpo Radio, Inc. — neither of which have offered up any official explanation as to why the channel was dropped. Keep reading to find out what call-in show host Dr. Jenn had to say when answering her listeners’ frequently asked questions about the future of The Dr. Jenn Show and Oprah Radio.

Are antidepressants harming us more than helping us? Do they even help at all?

Happy pills.

For years people who are experiencing the symptoms of clinical depression with a potential genetic link, or who have gone through extremely stressful situations like a death, divorce, or job loss, have been prescribed antidepressants to help them get through their day. Dr. Oz did a show today with Dr. Drew Pinksy calling into question whether these pills actually work, and warning of the dangers they may present.