Daniel Day Lewis

First official look at Daniel Day-Lewis as Abraham Lincoln

For my personal taste Daniel Day-Lewis is the greatest actor of this generation. When word came down the line that the extremely personal and reclusive star would be portraying Abraham Lincoln in Steven Spielberg’s biopic it immediately became a must on my calendar. A while back a student snapped an incredible shot of Day-Lewis eating lunch while regaled in full Lincoln mode. It quickly made the rounds but now we have our first official look at Daniel as the 16th President courtesy of Entertainment Weekly. See the amazing full page image and read what Spielberg had to say about the film and Day-Lewis’ work.

Student snaps candid photo of Daniel Day-Lewis as Abraham Lincoln

I would argue that Daniel Day-Lewis is the greatest actor of the last 25 years. I would also argue that Abraham Lincoln was the greatest President in American history. I would further argue that Stephen Spielberg is one of the 10 greatest film directors in American cinema history. That’s a ton of arguing and hyperbole but let me tell you when I heard that Day-Lewis was going to portray Lincoln in Spielberg’s biopic of the 16th president I collectively lost my marbles. I’m not prone to look ahead in anticipation of films but this is an exception.