Cassandra Estevez Huffman

Charlie Sheen’s daughter Cassandra’s wedding videos and photos

Charlie Sheen shocked the world by announcing on The Late Show with David Letterman that his daughter Cassandra is pregnant and he will soon be a grandfather. The announcement has turned the media’s attention on Charlie’s otherwise reclusive daughter Cassandra, her mother Paula Speert, and husband Casey Huffman. We managed to find two professionally shot videos of Cassandra’s wedding to her high school sweetheart in 2010 as well as numerous old photos of Cassandra with her dad Charlie and her future husband Casey!

Charlie Sheen’s daughter Cassandra Estevez Huffman is pregnant

Notorious bad boy and tiger blood aficionado Charlie Sheen is going to be a grandpa! After some serious prying by David Letterman, the former Two and a Half Men star announced that his daughter Cassandra Estevez is expecting a baby on last night’s The Late Show. However, Charlie isn’t exactly thrilled with his new title. Keep reading to find out exactly how Charlie broke the news and to see photos of Charlie, Cassandra, and Cassandra’s mother Paula Speert!